The Sparkle and Shine pageant program, is a fun fashion and self esteem pageant for children under 13 years old, to give training and exposure in the modeling, talent, and pageant industries. Join us as we provide an environment where our contestants can display their talents, personalities, interpersonal skills, and sportsmanship, providing opportunity and rewards, that will further enhance their lives and provide direction as they pursue their dreams.


The Sparkle and Shine Pageants:



Competition Divisions:

Group 1:  Sparkle Princess Division (5-7)

Group 2:  Sparkle Diamond  Division (8-10)

Group 3:  Sparkle Jr. Teen (11-13)


Contestants will be judged on poise, appearance, and personality.


Pageant and Fashion Show


Jr. Teen (10-13)


Teen (14 -17)



Competition Categories:


 Fun Fashion Theme Wear:

Each individual will showcase their modeling

skills and express their personal sense of style and fashion


Onstage Questions /Introductions:

Judges hear from each contestant about their accomplishments and

future goals, and encourage public speaking and presentation skills.


Formal Wear
Pageantry’s traditional and most notable competition, which focuses
on:grace, poise, personality, and stage presentation.



Training and Workshops:


Optional Training Workshops will be available on how to hold the microphone and introduce themselves on stage, poise & etiquette, public speaking,  and opening number dance. This process ensures that the contestants will be ready for their time to shine in the spotlight. 

Information will be available during this time to provide you with businesses that have partnered with us to provide you with the best looks for this special day. Local Dress Boutiques, Accessory Shops, Hair Salons and photographers will be on site at orientation where parents can network and receive more information.


Locations: Detroit, Oakland, and Macomb



Pageant Prizes:



  • Official Sash

  • Official Crown

  • Cash prize

  • Trophy

  • Flowers



Special Awards


  • Photogenic 

  • Formal Wear 

  • Interview (Jr.Teen only)

  • *Spokes model (1 minute speech-of your choice)

  • *Spirit Award (most tickets sold)

  • *Runway Model

  • Each participant will receive a certificate of participation, and tiara


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