PRIVATE INTERVIEW:All contestants must participate in the interview portion of the competition. Contestants will have the opportunity to showcase their thoughts, opinions, intelligence, and poise as they are interviewed by a panel of judges.


FUN FASHION:. Contestants will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity, poise, and personal style as they rock the runway in an outfit of their choice.

ON-STAGE QUESTIONS: All contestants must  selected a  question centered around current events and answer within the given time frame. 

EVENING GOWN: The contestants will have the opportunity to showcase their personal style, grace, and beauty in the evening gown portion of the competition. Contestants should choose a gown to wear that is complimentary to her figure and of her own choosing; the style, cut, and color are at the contestant's discretion. Her gown my be as formal or informal as she chooses, so long as the gown is floor length.


1. Contestants must participate in all portions of the competition; Private Interview, Fun Fashion Competition, Onstage Question and Evening Gown Competition. Failure to compete in any portion of the competition will result in disqualification.


TEEN contestants must be at least fourteen (14) and no older than eighteen (18) years of  age on January 1, 2020. 

MISS contestants must be at least eighteen (18) and no older than twenty-eight (28) years of age on January 1, 2020. 

3. Contestants must not be married, have never been married and have  never had a marriage annulled.  Contestants must have never given birth to a child and are not now pregnant nor are a parent.  If any of these conditions change, contestants must notify the Pageant Director immediately, this may affect their eligibility. 
4. Contestants must be of good health and moral character. 

5. Contestants must be a natural born female citizen of the United States.

6. Contestants must either live, work, or attend a school/college in the state of Michigan in full or part of the year. 

7. The winners must enter and be approved by the State Pageant to compete at the MISS MICHIGAN USA or MISS MICHIGAN TEEN USA Pageants and abide by all rules and regulations governing that Pageant.  Failure to do so will result in the RUNNER UP advancing to enter to compete in her place.

8. If selected as a winner, all decisions concerning the winners' preparations for the state pageant are to be made by the director of METRO DETROIT PAGEANTS.

9. Contestants must understand and agree that they are free to withdraw from the competition at any time, but under no circumstances will contestants be entitled to a refund or transfer to another contestant any fee, whether in full or in part, that they themselves or their sponsors have paid.  There will absolutely be no exception to this policy

10. Contestants participating in the MISS METRO DETROIT USA REGIONAL Official Preliminary Pageant must reside in the state of Michigan for a period of six (6) months leading up to the official state preliminary to MISS USA & MISS TEEN USA, and understand that should she be a winner in the MISS METRO DETROIT REGIONAL USA
  or MISS METRO DETROIT REGIONAL TEEN USA Pageants she will be required to make several appearances in the STATE of Michigan up to one year after winning the pageant, unless she wins the official state pageant.

Failure of the winning contestants to comply with any of the terms, provisions, restrictions or obligations hereof shall at the option of METRO DETROIT PAGEANTS LLC, the Local Pageant Director, and/or the State Pageant Director shall result in entrant’s disqualification, loss of title and return of any and all prizes awarded.

The above rules are applicable to the METRO DETROIT REGIONAL USA PAGEANT